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Day Trip to Belur – Halebidu – Shravanabelagola

23 Feb 2019
Day Trip to Belur – Halebidu – Shravanabelagola Trip Stats: Nature of trip: Historic Exploration Distance from Bangalore: 210 kms....
Rs. 2300

Spiritual wander in a French colonial – Pondicherry

22 Feb 2019 - 25 Feb 2019
Spiritual wander in a French colonial – Pondicherry Day0:  Bangalore to Pondicherry Start on Friday night from Bangalore via AC Sleeper Bus...
Rs. 6800

Backpacker Style – Wander in Coorg

02 Mar 2019 - 03 Mar 2019
About Coorg: Coorg known as the Scotland of India, encloses within itself beautiful mountains, coffee and cardamom plantations, and origin of the...
Rs. 3950

Hangout at Hampi and Badami

22 Feb 2019 - 24 Feb 2019
Take a walk back in time, through the Golden Heritage of our country. Trip Stats Nature of trip: Leisure/ Historic Exploration Travel Time: 7-8...
Rs. 6800

Shivagange Trek – One Day Adventure crush

23 Feb 2019
It’s Not The Mountain We Conquer But Ourselves! About Shivagange: Shivagange neighboring Bangalore also renowned religious and trekking spot...
Rs. 1900

Date with Nature Ooty and Coonoor

01 Mar 2019 - 03 Mar 2019
Beauties Map to follow All TheeBeauties trips are Explore & Experience kind. Itineraries are the core sketch to follow and not hard bound to...
Rs. 6800

Exploring Coffee Land – Chikmagalur

02 Mar 2019 - 03 Mar 2019
Chikmagalur means 'town of younger daughter'. A hidden gem in the foot hills of Mullayanagiri mountain range, known for its coffee plantations, lush green beauty and beautiful waterfalls.

4 Days of Adventure in Himachal

21 Mar 2019 - 25 Mar 2019
Embark on an adventure in Himachal in an all women trip this March. Make your Holi special. Trek Triund and paraglide! Come let's travel together!

Discover wonders of Ladakh – Starts from Delhi

01 May 2019 - 08 May 2019
Discover the Wonders of Ladakh This is for you if you want to explore Ladakh at the pace of moving sunshine and indulge deep into the wonders it...
Rs. 45000

Summer at Mystic Meghalaya

17 Apr 2019 - 23 Apr 2019
Summer at Mystic Meghalaya Trip Highlight: Live in unconventional accommodation Experience the trek of living Double root Bridge Renowned Umiam...
Rs. 28900

Why All Women Only Trips?

Stilletos, Spa, and cosmetics are only for women, isn’t it? All women travel is not about the gender it’s about the shoe which won’t fit you! Earlier travel was never seen through a segmented lens. In the current era, a larger section of the female gender have taken to solo traveling – now for them travelling has a different perspective. Coupled with work stress and changing lifestyles there is a need to take time off on their own. All women only trips meet their need to invest in their own self, foster connections, build friendships, have great conversations and more importantly, learn from the same tribe while on the go.

We at TheeBeauties realize this need of all women travel groups and have created Women Travel-focused products and experiences.
Inviting all Beauties to explore the unexplored with TheeBeauties! Let’s Travel Together. Let’s Get Going!

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