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Why Women Only Travel

Stilletos, Spa, and cosmetics are only for women, isn’t it? Get it? It’s not about the gender it’s about the shoe which won’t fit you! Earlier travel was never seen from a segmented lens. In the current era, a larger section of the female gender have taken to solo traveling – for them traveling now has a different perspective. Coupled with work stress and changing lifestyles there is a need to take time off on their own. Travel with women only group meets their need to invest in their own self, foster connections, build friendships, have great conversations and more importantly, learn from the same tribe while on the go.

We at TheeBeauties realize this need and have created Women Travel focused products and experiences.
Inviting all Ladies to explore the unexplored with TheeBeauties

Let’s create Trip for your Gang of Girls

Women who Travel! Let us be your personalized travel guide

Welcome to TheeBeauties

On a Mission to make travel easily accessible to every women. With a rewarding history of more than 50 plus trips conducted across the globe we are here to take you on a non-stop get going path. Let’s get going..

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