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We are passionate Travel makers, building a platform for women travelers in order to make Travel Easily Accessible!

Meaning if you are someone who loves to travel and wants to travel more often, it shouldn’t be a hassle-filled process of planning and dependent on your friends and family’s schedule.  

It shouldn’t be just an annual affair or twice in a year, which you made it happen after days of planning at personal and professional front.

Hence, You should have access to a range of travel options starting shorter duration travels – which you can take more often with bare minimum or no planning to a different variety of travels to serve your travel taste buds. Plus at your flexible schedule

Doing all this via:


To experience specific version of travel where Freedom of solo with the comfort of being safe and carefree blends in the most unique way!

All TheeBeauties Trips are Kids Friendly:

Do not ask if you can bring your kids along if that makes you Travel worry-free it’s your decision


Nothing to do with Gender:

We often, get asked why it is only women travels? its like asking why only women salons, or only women apparels and so on!

Here it’s not about only women travel, it’s travel for women, travel crafted for women audience!

like why do we Just like companies which create product/services specific to an audience – men, women, kids or pet etc.

It’s a Need as per the kind of travel, Not a differentiation!

All covered! Let’s Get Going..



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