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Why all women Travel?

Why all woman Travel?

Why all women travel or why only women travel : is the question asked to us tons of times, which before answering needs to brought into right introspection.

Why is it not asked – why all woman shoes, all woman apparels, all women salon or spas etc.  So to call it out – its not about gender, its just about creating a specific product or service as per its specific need. Like we have stilettos created with women as the consumer audience though it belongs to the same show category.  Hence we are a travel company focused to craft travel for women audience, travel designed for their custom needs.

Travel was never looked from this lens.  But over time trend increasing towards this direction shows the need of this category of travel globally. Talking about India, where for decades as a society women had been behind the walls of various societal norms and loaded add-on responsibilities with the changing times.  As there is an increase of women participation in the workforce, we are still working towards bringing a right balance for a woman at her home and work.  Creating a huge need to have a woman take her own time for a break off from her multiple roles, spend time rejuvenating, cherishing, nurturing herself with fresh perspectives and thoughts in an environment which gives her space to be completely herself and bond with fellow women on similar terms.

At TheeBeauties, we work to create personalized travel experiences which gives you a comfortable and easy to access platform to travel along with your girl friends, mother, or kids.  You can count on us, when we come to your rescue during times where you are looking for traveling for yourself and your friends and family’s schedule don’t match. But you do not want to travel solo, do not want to spend time creating the travel plans, yet have a comfortable, personalized and safe vibe to head out worry free in a company of similar tribe.

Let’s get more of you out, more of you able to pursue your dreams to travel like never before.  Let’s get going..

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